Friday, July 16, 2010

Museums in the News

I've just ended a week of summer camp at one of my museums. Managing 10 kids under 12 and 5 CIT's aged 13-17 for 7 hours a day is in fact as exhausting as it sounds! Hence, a lazy news post. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding Recess

Sorry for being AWOL for the last few weeks. I got married on June 26th, then spend the following week in Montreal for my honeymoon. However, I'm back now and promise to resume at least weekly posting.

In honor of my wedding break, I wanted to share an interesting exhibit at Ohio State University's Historical Costume & Textile Collection online: It was on display 12 years ago, in 1998, and showcases a sampling of wedding dresses from different eras in American history. Enjoy!

You may have also noticed a bit of a change in the blog's design. Blogger came out with new templates and I had a bit of a field day. I think I like the new brown background and map header. Hope you do too!