Sunday, December 11, 2011

Natural Heating

I worked on Saturday at one of my museums, doing a public event for our annual holiday festival.  The plan was to read some Christmas stories (The Night Before Christmas, the final chapter of A Christmas Carol, and SnĊshoo the Christmas Bunny, which was written by one of our volunteers) by the fire in our 1710 house.  After that, I had some simple Christmas crafts (paper chains, paper snowflakes, and cranberry/popcorn garlands) and a scavenger hunt set up back at the museum.

We ended up getting around seven kids and a few adults, but everyone came at different times, so I never did read the stories.  Instead, I hung out over at the house for a couple of hours, tended the fire, and talked with the visitors who did come over.  I may have also nibbled a few of the gingerbread men in the photo above.  :)

I know our weekend manager was disappointed that more kids didn't come, but I left out the crafts and scavenger hunt for later kid visitors to do.  The museum was open seven more hours after I left around 1pm, so I'm sure we got some who enjoyed those activities.  And as for my part, as I said to my mother via text, "I'm hanging by the fire now.  No visitors.  But hanging by the fire in a 1710 house.  So  :)."