Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bond . . . Crimson Bond

Haha, I kind of love this. As a museum educator, I buy a lot of my reproduction items from this company, James Townsend & Son. It looks as though they've created a short movie about the Revolutionary War, using a lot of their products. Very smart! And if their funny YouTube instructional videos are anything to go by, should be entertaining, too!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My New Office!

We recently relocated the office space at one of my museums, from an outside rental to a room in one of our historic houses. Last Friday, I moved lots of boxes and small items into the new space and this Friday, members of the Board and I moved the heavy stuff. I was there again today to set up the wireless network (really proud of myself for being able to do it!) and get things a little more organized. The boxes currently on the floor will all go into closets, but they're being used as weights to even out the carpet for now. ;)

I'm really excited to have a space right on site, which will make it easier for me to check on the houses and keep a general eye on things. Plus, the house is a lovely little 1740s gem. And, yes, that door to the left of the window in the last picture does in fact lead to a parlor where George Washington took tea, thankyouverymuch. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

In the Flesh

This is kind of awesome.  My favorite part is when the docent asks what "King Philip" eats upon being told he's 400 years old.  :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

And One More!

Here's my list for my third job:

Must Do:
  • set up new office in one of the historic houses 
  • submit volunteer project description by 3/25 
  • attend citywide meeting of cultural organizations on 3/25 
  • mail state public television auction donation 
  • respond to donation requests from NYC high school 
  • make sure intern is all set with projects during my absence in April 
  • email volunteer website designer re: structural updates to site 
  • get estimate from local graphics company for summer exhibit text panels and family tree panels 
  • back-up computer before move to new office 
  • pack up office 

Would Like to Do:

  • create estimate for framing supplies for exhibit 
  • give treasurer estimate for exhibit budget 
  • finalize new logo with Board and volunteer graphic designer 
  • get to work on reprinting membership cards 
  • schedule photo shoot of one of the houses with local photographer 
  • schedule meeting with former house manager to talk collections

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Holding Myself Accountable

    While we're sharing, here's my to-do list at one of my other museums.  Maybe posting them on the internet will help me stay focused and get everything done!

    Must Do:
    • 3/28 shoe history program with local nursery school
    • Write article about after-school archaeology program for local paper (due 3/30)
    • Publicize after-school archaeology program:
      • Schools
      • Websites (the museum's & other sites that list kids' programs)
      • Local paper article & calendar listings
    • Nail down final after-school archaeology program details
      • field trip details
      • supplies
      • permission slips/letters
    Would Like to Do:
    • Start thinking about summer exhibit workshop (June?)

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Storage Success Stories!

    See, look how neat that looks (see previous shot of the closet here)!  And after today's trip to the local IKEA (photo below), I've got 30 more boxes to continue my organization spree.  It's the little things . . .

    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    A Month in the Life

    In case you ever wondered what I get up to at my museums. :) Below is my to-do list for the month of March for just one of my three museums. This month's a bit busier than usual because I'll be out the first couple of weeks of April.

    It definitely helped me to get everything down and get to work on it (note that the first item is already crossed off). A to-do list, huh? Simple & old-school, but it works. :)  UPDATE: I'm going to cross things off as I go.  Huzzah!

    Must Do:
    • spend Staples Rewards $ ($50~,  various program supplies)
    • prepare for home school group's visit for shoemaking program on 3/17
    • decide on summer camp themes & dates and have brochures printed
    • begin to distribute brochures and publicize program (esp. spring preview once date is set - 4/30)
    • send camp info to CITs and counselor
    • develop and publicize April vacation program
    • schedule guest speakers and alternate activities for first 2 weeks of after-school archaeology program
    • consult with curator and website designer on education needs for new website
    • write a raise proposal to the Board (mention competitive wages & accomplishments)
    • order gift shop items and new ice cream maker
    • spend donation from city councilor (raccoon fur for Native American program basket and IKEA organization boxes for educational supplies closet)

    Would Like to Do (if Time):
    • get back in touch with local art teacher re: collage workshop for area seniors & our award of grant money for senior programs
    • contact local Council on Aging coordinator to book future senior lectures
    • contact schools who didn’t visit museum in fall and try to schedule them for spring
    • follow up with Scout groups who got in touch over the winter