Monday, December 20, 2010

Modern Inspiration

So, this should have been my Museum Daily on Thursday, because that's when I actually found out about it at work. One of my museums is in a city where shoes were produced, in large quantities, in the 19th and 20th centuries. Hence, my museum has a very large & very interesting collection of locally made shoes. Over the summer, the curator had a visit from Penelope Guerrero, Women's Senior Shoe Designer at Timberland. They spent some time talking about the shoe industry and looking through our shoe collection.

I wasn't around the day she visited, but the curator received an email from Ms. Guerrero last week saying that she had designed a collection of shoes inspired by my museum's collection! Very cool. Even cooler, she attached a few photos of the shoe design she thought "most reflects the inspiration" she received at the museum. The photos are below.

Isn't the shoe gorgeous? And yes, I went straight to Timberland's website to see if they were available for purchase yet. Couldn't find them, so perhaps they're a 2011 model. Keep your eyes peeled for these shoes!

UPDATE: Just found this video on the website, featuring Ms. Guerrero talking about how she finds inspiration for her shoe designs. Very, very cool to think that our collection was part of her design process.

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