Friday, November 9, 2012

Another Selection of Images

The last few weeks at another museum:

October 17th delivery of small pumpkins for Harvest Supper and kids' Halloween Party

October 19th cleaning & prep of small cobbler's shop for upcoming 17th century programs

October 19th view of reproduction 1657 house soon to be completed/opened

October 22nd view of a sun-dappled copper beech

October 22nd view of haunted house preparations.  Love the Elvira at the end of the hall!

October 24th shot of medieval-looking hearth at 1657 house

October 24th - overly dramatic shot of marble bust at Harvest Supper.  I blame the red wine.

November 5th peek at the loft of the 1657 house.  I love that I get paid for this kind of thing!

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