Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Environment

Movin' on up!  This is my new desk at the museum where I recently become Co-Director.  I've worked here for three years, at another desk about ten feet away, but this feels like a nice change.  My new desk is in an office that I share with our bookkeeper  who's only in a few hours a week.  My old desk was in a general area at the top of the stairs that everyone walks in and out of all the time.

The curator, who's also my counterpart as Co-Director, recently ok'd plants in the non-museum part of the building, i.e. the office addition.  So I went a little nuts - I bought 7 plants for the three office spaces and moved her dying spider plant into a sunny window situation.  Having greenery all around has been lovely!

I don't have a window, which I did want, but as you can see from the photo above, the mirror above my desk reflects the light from the window opposite and I have a lovely view of a copper beech tree framed in in if I just look up.  Hooray for new spaces and new beginnings!

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