Friday, October 29, 2010

Museum Daily #19, 20, and 21

So, I'm quite behind on Museum Dailies this week. It was a very busy work week, then my dog ate my internet cable (again!) last night. Therefore, you will get three Dailies from this week, all in one post. Plus, I took some great photos in a 17th and 18th century graveyard for work today, so I'm planning to share those in a longer post. Huzzah!

This photo was from Monday. I spent much of the day running around buying supplies for the museum's Halloween party, so I had pumpkins on the brain. This is the kitchen table in the museum, replete with jack o' lantern tablecloth, decorative gourds, and postcards for an upcoming exhibit which feature an amazingly detailed Indian corn drawing.

This is from Tuesday. I attended a workshop at the Addison Museum at Phillips Academy in Andover. They just reopened in September after a 2-year renovation, which added storage, teaching, and administrative space to their 80-year old building. The wall drawing pictured is being done by a modern artist in their museum learning center. It's done by a sharpie pen attached to a simple machine that reads a code the artist created. Very neat!

This photo, taken on Thursday, is of the backseat of my car. I tend to collect the detritus of my jobs in my car's trunk or backseat - reproduction artifacts brought to schools, mail for the museum, etc. In this photo, all three of my jobs have deposited rubble in my backseat. On the left, a folder of archaeology worksheets for my after-school kids at one museum. In the middle and right, copies of the fall newsletter for another museum. At the bottom, a newspaper from one town being brought to another town's museum to cover tables for pumpkin painting at the kids' Halloween party. Whew!

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