Sunday, March 13, 2011

And One More!

Here's my list for my third job:

Must Do:
  • set up new office in one of the historic houses 
  • submit volunteer project description by 3/25 
  • attend citywide meeting of cultural organizations on 3/25 
  • mail state public television auction donation 
  • respond to donation requests from NYC high school 
  • make sure intern is all set with projects during my absence in April 
  • email volunteer website designer re: structural updates to site 
  • get estimate from local graphics company for summer exhibit text panels and family tree panels 
  • back-up computer before move to new office 
  • pack up office 

Would Like to Do:

  • create estimate for framing supplies for exhibit 
  • give treasurer estimate for exhibit budget 
  • finalize new logo with Board and volunteer graphic designer 
  • get to work on reprinting membership cards 
  • schedule photo shoot of one of the houses with local photographer 
  • schedule meeting with former house manager to talk collections

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