Thursday, September 29, 2011

Storage Success Stories, Part III

More storage!  I know, I know, the picture below isn't very exciting to anyone but me.  I know that educational supply storage is very boring to most normal people.  So I shot the bottom two photos so you can at least kind of understand why neatly labeled storage makes me so happy.

OK, see how many rubber stamps we have?  And all those ink pads in the box already?  First of all, I had no idea we had so much of each.  If we did a program with stamps, I might have not been able to find all of these (they were spread out between three different boxes scattered throughout the dark supply closet) and bought a bunch more.  Now I know what we have!

And now they're nicely organized!  The small box in the lower left houses all of the loose alphabet stamps (smallest ones in the tin, larger ones in the box).  The ink pads are all consolidated at the top left.  All of the wooden handle stamps are turned the right way up so I can see what they are.  Doesn't that look so much better?

Now multiply the lift I get from getting one supply organized by 22 (for all the boxes completed already).  See why this is a treat on rainy days?  :)

P.S.  In both home and work organization, I get a lot of inspiration from the shelter blogs I read.  In particular, I've been gobbling up Chez Larsson lately.  The author has a lovely home and lots of good organizing ideas - check it out!

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